Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked lots of questions, below are some of the most common.  If the answer you require is not below, please contact us and we will try to help.

Waste Removal North DevonThere are loads of skip firms in North Devon, what makes Greenaways Waste and Recycling better than the rest?

  • We hope it’s the friendly, comprehensive and price competitive service.  Furthermore, we are ‘up front’ with our prices so that you don’t worry about hidden charges.  We supply each customer with a Delivery Ticket containing information about how to correctly use the skips and waste equipment.

Where do you cover?

  • Being based in Ilfracombe allows us to cover the whole of North Devon including Barnstaple, Bideford, Braunton, Ilfracombe, Lynton and Combe Martin.  So if you’ve got waste that needs moving and disposing of properly, give us a call.

How do I know you are dealing with my rubbish correctly?

  • We are reputable registered waste carriers and have our own licensed waste transfer and recycling station in North Devon.  This transfer station is regulated by the Environment Agency to ensure safe, legal, and professional working practice.

Why have I been quoted so many different prices for the same service from different skip hire companies?

  • The answer is in the question – you don’t get the same service from different companies!  You get different levels of service from different companies and most of the time, you get what you pay for.   After you’ve had a bad experience, you’ll wonder whether it really was worth saving a few pounds by going with the cheapest you could find.  Here at Greenaways we offer a competitive price for a full and professional service – we offer prices entirely up front so that you’re not hit with any extra or hidden costs further down the line.

I’ve had a bad experience with a Skip Firm in the past. How can you help?

  • Well, communication is the key factor here.  Tell us your concerns and we can discuss your requirements and advise accordingly.

Why can’t the skip be loaded higher than the skip sides?

  • The skip driver has to ensure his load is safe and secure on the lorry.  It’s not the skip driver being unreasonable – it’s the law!

Waste Removal North Devon Is my driveway wide enough for the skip?

  • A standard skip lorry is approximately 9ft (2.74m) wide and requires a minimum of 10ft (3.3metres) width to gain access, regardless of what size skip you have ordered.  If your driveway is too small it is possible that we can provide a “Wait to Load” service.

Where can I put the skip?

  • Rules state that, unless a permit is issued, a skip needs to be kept on private property, for example, a driveway, garden, or building site.  If this is not possible we can provide a “Wait to Load” service.  Please enquire for details.

Why isn’t my skip dropped off and picked up when I ask for it?

  • It is not always possible to accommodate customer requests for a specific time drop-off or pick-up.  The delivery and collection of skips is heavy haulage and not like calling a taxi.  Lots of things can go wrong on a pick-up or drop-off that will slow down the whole day’s schedule.  Please help us to help you, by requesting an AM or PM delivery or collection.  We will of course try to stick to schedule, however we have to make you aware of the difficulties that can arise with heavy haulage.

Waste Removal North DevonWhat size skip should I order?

  • Check out the skip sizes and cubic capacity on our Skip Sizes page and don’t underestimate the space required.  It is better to hire a skip that is not completely filled, than to have a skip that is too small – and end up needing to hire a second skip, at further cost.  If you’re not sure, please contact us.

How much will the skip cost?

  • Prices depend on which skip you wish to hire, how long you want it for and where you are located.  Our prices cover delivery, collection and disposal.  Please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Do you have any advice on filling the skip?

  • By law, you can only load level with the top of the skip itself.  To prevent wasted space within the skip we would recommend that any large bulky items you have to dispose of are broken down into smaller pieces.

How long can I hire a skip for?

  • As standard, our prices include hire of the skip for up to two weeks.  If the skip is required for a longer period a small charge is made for each additional week/part week.  We will not collect the skip until you have finished with it and have called us to arrange collection.

What kind of wastes can I put in the skip?

  • Wastes types that can be placed in a general waste skip (mixed tipping) include:  stone, concrete, bricks, building blocks, natural slate & clay roof tiles, uncontaminated soil, wood, hedge parings, paper, cardboard, metal, cables, glass, plastics, film, packing material, furniture and furnishings.  A special rate can be arranged if the skip will only contain stone, concrete, bricks, building blocks, natural slate & clay roof tiles, uncontaminated soil (excluding turf/grass).  Please contact us for more information and a free quote.

Waste Removal BarnstapleWhat can’t I put in the skip?

  • Certain types of waste cannot be placed in general waste (mixed tipping) skips.  These include plasterboard, unused plaster (powder & solid), liquids, chemicals, clinical waste, food waste, batteries, tyres, televisions, computer screens, fridges, freezers, asbestos, night storage heaters, flat roofing, roofing felt & man-made roof tiles/slates.  If you’re in doubt, about waste types, please contact us.  Such items can be disposed of by separate arrangement using our Hazardous Waste Service, please enquire for details.

What about plasterboard?

  • Although plasterboard is not a hazardous waste, it certainly needs to be kept separate from other wastes.  Let us know what sort of quantity of plasterboard you have to dispose of and we can suggest the most economic method of disposal for you.  Please note that foam backed plasterboard cannot be accepted unless the foam is removed. Plasterboard with an artex coating is required to be kept separate as the artex could possibly contain asbestos fibres.